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Portalmerceria consists of a quarterly magazine and a web portal. Our intention is to provide access to our publications to both to those with access to the Internet and those without it.

The Portalmerceria philosophy is to bring the haberdashery closer to the warehouse and the latter to manufacturer and to promote the use of haberdashery products by the final consumer. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at:



At Portalpress, we believe that the most precious asset of a company in the haberdashery industry is its client portfolio. Building a good database can often take years.
The aim of Portalpress is to provide a listing of the haberdasheries in Spain; a listing we consider should be used in comparison with the listing of the company itself, for we do not seek to create a 100% reliable list.
Portalpress S.L. cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided on the web site. It rejects all liability for any errors or omissions that may be found.
The names of haberdasheries have been acquired from the Chamber of Commerce, free pages on the Internet, from subscriptions of the haberdasheries themselves to our portal and from haberdashery trade fairs attended by our magazine and portal.

Portalpress will never provide or public its own archive of clients and/or haberdasheries, or any listing that has been ceded by a client.

If a haberdashery does not wish to be on our listing, just send and e-mail to the following address: merceria@portalmerceria.com and the data will be removed as soon as possible


We all know that many haberdashery warehouses operate in broad areas of Spain. For this reason, there will be a section showing the warehouses operating province by province.

The main listing will always be for warehouses with their headquarters in that province or region.

Services we offer

· Free advertising for haberdasheries on the web

· Advertising for warehouses and manufacturers on the web

· Company catalogues, triptychs, layout design and more

· Web design for companies

· Advertising in Portalmerceria magazine

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